Lost at sea with your Website & Web Ads?

Find your way with a free Chastain Sites consultation!

How Can I Improve Your Website?

  • Maintain a website 
  • Repair a broken website
  • Rescue an inaccessible website 
  • Add a shopping cart
  • Add website tracking
  • Backup & secure a website
  • Improve search engine result pages with SEO
  • Export your product feed to Google Merchant 
  • Advanced technical SEO reporting

Your Online Success is My Success

Wouldn’t it be great to have someone on your team that thoroughly understands how to promote websites? That is where I come in.

I will help you achieve your website and advertising goals. Together we will choose the best metrics to measure your marketing goals. Then I will create a website marketing and maintenance plan to tackle issues with the most significant potential for improvement. 

Your business is my top priority. I love delighting clients with my service. Stable sites, easy maintenance, and search engine friendly; your site will appear at the top of critical searches, be scalable for future needs, and grow with your business.

How Can I Improve Your Web Ads?

  • Ad performance reviews for ad campaigns, ad groups, ads, keywords, and extensions.
  • Ad campaign take-overs for existing ad accounts.
  • Advanced monthly ad reporting.
  • Advanced bid adjustments based on device, location, ad scheduling, top content, targeting methods, remarketing lists, interactions, and demographics.
  • Goal setting and conversion setup.
  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO).

About Barney Chastain

When hiring the right person to take care of your website marketing, you want someone on your side who has a deep understanding of marketing technology, trends, and practices. That’s me.

I have helped small to medium-sized businesses and non-profit organizations improve search results for 20 years. If you need to expand, migrate, or update your online presence, I am here to help.

Website Services

If you have a website, I can modify it, fix it, update it, or move it to a new location. Old or new, I can step in and make the changes you need to your website.  Read more.

WordPress Website Design

Whether you need a new website or need your old website updated, I can step in and make changes for you. Want to discuss a website design? Contact me directly.

WordPress Website Optimization

WordPress monthly optimization care plans keep your websites up-to-date, secured, backed up, and prepared for a website disaster. Read more

Google Ads Services

I’ve managed Google Ads campaigns since 2007. I use data to set goals and measure success. I am a Search Ad certified Google Partner, which means that I’ve achieved a performance standard with Google Ads that is usually only given to large agencies. Read more about web ad management.

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