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Ad Rank on Google Ads

Definition: “Ad Rank” A value that’s used to determine your ad position (where ads are shown on a page relative to other ads) and whether your ads will show. Your Ad Rank is recalculated each time your ad is eligible to appear and competes in an auction. Your ad position can fluctuate each time, depending … Read more

Page Speed Monitoring

Why Should You Monitor Website Speed? Page speed monitoring detects changes in website speeds than can occur when a website is updated, or the site hosting environment changes. Failure to implement page speed monitoring can result in higher bounce rates (from visitors immediately leaving your website) and penalties from search engines. “Knowing that slow pages … Read more

Getting Your Business Found Online

How consistent are your business listings online? Your customers could be trying to reach you right now. Why wait another day? The longer you wait to fix your listings, the more time your customers will spend visiting your store when you are closed, calling the wrong phone number, or visiting your competitors instead. Chastain Listings … Read more

Keyword Honing

Keyword Honing

Whether you advertise on Google or Bing (or anything in between), your business needs a playbook for honing the best keywords. Here are several advanced tactics to sharpen your keyword choices. Align keywords with business goals Think holistically about how a customer could reach you Align your keywords with your business marketing goals Analyze your … Read more