Clients Websites

Here are some of my current clients. I recommend their services whole-heartedly.
Albert L. Crush Company started in 1975 to serve the agricultural and industrial needs for the six counties surrounding Shelby County, Kentucky. 
Houston Hardwood and Lumber Company started in 1990 and provides top-notch lumber and high-quality millworks to fellow Houstonians and locations all over Texas.
Journeys Home Pet Euthanasia LLC started in 2007 and provides in-home pet euthanasia within an hour radius of Madison, Wisconsin.
Koene Courier Service (KCS) started in 2009 and provides dedicated delivery services; anything from an envelope to a pallet of freight. Located in Madison, Wisconsin, they make deliveries within Wisconsin and to neighboring states.
Madisound Speaker Components, Inc. started in 1972 and provides loudspeaker parts to audio enthusiasts, manufacturers, and auto sound installers around the world.
Prairie Exteriors & Painting provides home improvement services including siding, roofing, gutter, and painting services for residents and businesses of South Central Wisconsin.
Timeless Consignment started in 2011 and provides high-end home decorations and furniture in Milton, Wisconsin.