Getting Your Business Found Online

How consistent are your business listings online?

Your customers could be trying to reach you right now. Why wait another day? The longer you wait to fix your listings, the more time your customers will spend visiting your store when you are closed, calling the wrong phone number, or visiting your competitors instead.

Chastain Listings – Product Features

How does Chastain Listings work?

With our listings solution, you’ll gain full control of your location data across the industry’s largest ecosystem of apps, maps, search engines, directories, and social networks — including Google — via our direct and custom API integrations. Our technology will match critical location data, like your name, address, and phone number, and more, across our robust network, locking your business listings and protecting them from being overwritten by third-party sources. You’ll be able to update your listings in real-time and suppress SEO-harming duplicate listings. Above all else, you’ll drive customers to the right place — your doorstep — every time. Only our technology provides a permanent business listings solution.

Will your listings solution impact my ranking?

I want to be #1 on these sites! While we cannot guarantee your ranking, our listings solution provides major SEO-boosting benefits. You know that when you’re looking for a place to shop or eat, you care about a few things: where it is, whether it has what I want, and whether it’s any good. Google and other sites use the same methodology when deciding what they’ll return in search results. Our solution directly addresses these factors (consistency, authority, and frequency) and having all of these in check will positively affect where you rank on all sites. Not to mention, you’ll have full Listingscontrol of the location that appears in your business listings on these sites, including Google Maps! Consider this: let’s say you ask 10 people the same question. If you get 10 different answers, you can’t be sure about any of them. However, if you get the same answer 10X, you can be confident the answer is correct. Location services operate the same way. The more frequently and consistently your location data appears across them, the higher your SEO ranking is likely to be.

I don’t know any of these sites. Who uses them?

There are a few very important reasons we work with both big and little location services. We work with the biggest apps, maps, search engines, directories, and social networks out there like Google, Apple, Yahoo, Facebook, and Bing to make sure your business gets maximized visibility. We work with smaller sites like Citysearch, Superpages, WhitePages, and others to boost this even further, because the more places your location data is correct, the more likely your SEO rank will be higher. Additionally, you don’t always know where potential customers are searching, so making sure you appear everywhere potential customers are searching gives you the best chance at gaining their business.

How do I know this works?

We’ll give you links to all the listings you’re managing with our service, so you can verify that your location data is correct and live across our network. In addition, we offer analytics, reporting, and review monitoring, so you can track searches, views, and beyond on your profile.