Keyword Honing

Keyword Honing
Slow is for snail and slugs, not websites.

Whether you advertise on Google or Bing (or anything in between), your business needs a playbook for honing the best keywords. Here are several advanced tactics to sharpen your keyword choices.

Align keywords with business goals

  • Think holistically about how a customer could reach you
  • Align your keywords with your business marketing goals
  • Analyze your keyword list and delete low-volume keywords

Manage keyword “match types” for growth and control

  • Use “broad match” to capture long-tail queries
  • Reserve “exact match” for your primary drivers, whether that is volume or value
  • Don’t create variations of “phrase match” or “exact match” keywords; variations are redundant

Find new targeting opportunities

  • In addition to traditional ad types, use dynamic ads to streamline account management
  • Review website analytics to uncover which ads lead to activity on your website

Expand the reach of existing keywords

  • Maximize the presence of your keywords by improving their ad rank; higher bids and better ads can drive volume
  • Extend your reach to users in new advertising networks

Refine traffic with negative keywords

  • Make negative keyword lists a regular part of your ad campaign maintenance
  • Just like your main keywords, focus your negative keyword management on places where it will do the most good


  1. Align keywords with business goals
  2. Manage “match types” for growth and control
  3. Find new targeting opportunities
  4. Expand the reach of existing keywords
  5. Refine traffic with negative keywords


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