Why Should You Monitor Website Speed?

Page speed monitoring detects changes in website speeds than can occur when a website is updated or the site hosting environment changes. Failure to implement page speed monitoring can result in higher bounce rates (from visitors immediately leaving your website) and penalties from search engines.

"Slow is cool for snails, not websites"

Are Your Slow-Loading Websites Hurting Your SEO?

Yes. They Are. We all start somewhere, and in the case of this client, page load time was nearly 30 seconds!

Before page speed optimization: 29.8 seconds to fully loaded time.
BEFORE: A “fully loaded time” of 29.8 seconds, on a Chrome desktop using a test server in Dallas, Texas.

After I performed page-speed optimization, I achieved a fully loaded time of 1.2 seconds!

After page speed optimization: 1.2 seconds to fully loaded time.

AFTER: Fully loaded time reduced from 29.8 seconds to 1.2 seconds.

Knowing that slow websites kill conversions is just the beginning. Acknowledging that your site might have some underlying issues that you can’t see on the surface is the first step.

Neil Patel

How to Implement Page Speed Monitoring

When was the last time you speed-tested your website? If you can’t remember, then it’s time to start monitoring for changes in time to fully loaded web pages. Here are my three steps to implement page speed monitoring:

  1. Measure your website’s speed with a free speed test.
  2. Improve your page load times using suggestions provided by your speed test.
  3. Implement page speed monitoring over time by repeating speed tests every day, or find a page speed optimization provider, such as myself, that will notify you when page speed increases past a certain threshold.

Improving Website Speed

Choosing a Website Speed Testing Tool

When you decide to test the speed of your website, there are many free services. A few of the most popular website speed testing tools are GTmetrix, Google’s PageSpeed Insights, and Pingdom’s Website Speed Test. Your website will receive different results from each tool because they all measure differently. Select a tool that works best for you and start speed testing!

Establish Your Baseline Website Load Time

Test your website speed for free with GTmetrix. Does your website fully load in less than than 3 seconds from a US server on a desktop computer? If not, then you have work to do.

Need Help with Page Speed Monitoring and Improvement?

Contact me when you are ready to improve your website’s page speed. I regularly achieve page-load speeds of under 3 seconds. This website, for example, loads in 1.2 seconds.

This websites is fully loaded in 1.2 seconds.
PageSpeed score 94%. YSlow Score 88%. Fully loaded time: 1.2 seconds.

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