Google Ads Management, Training, and Consulting​

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Since 2018

Chastain Sites is a Google Partner. With Google Partner status, you know a company has the knowledge and expertise to manage digital ad campaigns. Click the Google Partner logo to verify status (don’t accept this logo without a link).

Google Ads Consulting & Management

I specialize in the management of digital ad campaigns to improve sales, lead generation, website traffic, and brand awareness for US businesses. I’ll evaluate existing Google Ads and Bing campaigns using powerful analytics – and I’ll walk you through that analysis so you understand it. You won’t get wonky tech gibberish from me – I know your days are busy and that you need clear, concise breakdowns of your digital marketing efforts.

Recently, I took over an Ads account for a mobile veterinary business and have improved their ongoing click-through rate (CTR) from 2.5% to 18%. 

For another client, a national shipping company, I’ve maintained a conversion rate of over 80% on their primary lead form. That is six months and counting.

Isn’t it time for better performance on your Google Ads?

Focus on Ad Conversions

Work hands-on with a trusted partner to ensure your ad budget is profitably spent on keywords that align with the conversion-based returns that you want.