Google Ads Management, Training, and Consulting​

About Google Ads Consulting & Management

Web ad management is the process of creating and regularly optimizing web ads. “Web Ads” are seen after searching on a search engine such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Web ads include search-engine ads, product listing ads, pay-per-click ads (PPC), and display ads. Web advertising lets you finely tune which ads are presented to who, when, and where you want the ad displayed. 

Get The Returns You Need From Your Web  Advertising Dollars!

Work hands-on with a trusted partner to ensure your budget is profitably spent on high-value, intent-based keywords that align with your high-value audiences.

I specialize in the management of digital ad campaigns to improve sales, lead generation, website traffic, and brand awareness for US businesses. I’ll evaluate existing Google Ads and Bing campaigns using powerful analytics – and I’ll walk you through that analysis so you understand it. You won’t get wonky tech gibberish from me – I know your days are busy and that you need clear, concise breakdowns of your digital marketing efforts.

My search engine ad philosophy is to concentrate on the areas where a business can maximize their return on ad spend. Whether your Google Ads daily budget is $20/day or $1,000/day, I can review your account, provide recommendations, and implement them.

The biggest obstacles to success with Web Ads are marketing budgets & ad campaign complexity. Plan for a year’s worth of daily ad spend for a year and leave room for ad management fees. For campaigns to run well, the web ad AIs need to be fed the right way. In short, it takes a lot of training and experience to run a prosperous Google Ads or Microsoft Ad campaign. When Web Ads campaigns aren’t tuned correctly, you pay more for every click, every conversion, and every lead; you throw away money on poorly performing ads. When Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising sees your account performing poorly, you also lose more ad auctions, which means your ads don’t show potential customers.

Several years ago I took over an Ads account for a mobile veterinary business and have improved ongoing click-through rate (CTR) from 2.5% to 18%. Isn’t it time for a new Web Ads manager?

Is There a Minimum Daily Ad Spend?

Most web ad campaigns do not have a minimum spend daily ad spend. However, ad management with Chastain Sites requires a minimum of $20 per day.

How Much Does Each Web Ad Cost?

That depends on many factors, including:

  1. Competition for your keywords. More competitive industries cost more for each keyword.
  2. Quality of your website content. High-quality SEO decreases your cost per ad and allows you to win ad actions over competitors willing to pay more per ad.
  3. Quality of your ad content. Each aspect of the ad needs to match the landing page’s content, or you’ll need to pay more per ad.
  4. Daily ad budget. If you run out of your daily budget, your ads stop running.

I am Google Ads certified and a Google Partner, so you know I have the knowledge and expertise to manage ad campaigns that work best for your business goals, and with your daily ad spend.

Management Fees for Web Ads

My current rate for Web Ad Management is $450 per month for ad campaigns with a daily ad spend between 20-100 dollars a day. For an ad campaign with a daily ad spend between $20-100, the monthly fee can range from roughly $1000 to $3500.

With a $20 daily ad spend

Daily ad spends of $20 plus a monthly management fee of $450.

Average monthly cost: $1,100

With a $100 daily ad spend

Daily ad spends of $100 plus a monthly management fee of $450.

Average monthly cost: $3500

With a more than $100 daily ad spend?

For daily ad spends above $100, the monthly management fee is 15% of the daily ad spend.