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Client reviews

I was a customer of Barney’s, and we were also collaborators on projects. Barney’s the consumate professional, bringing his expansive knowledge and experience to every step of every project. He adheres to timelines religiously, hits milestones and delivers what he says he will when he says he will. That, in today’s fast-and-loose online marketing world, makes him my go-to guy for everything web, but especially Google things. And he answers his phone. (!)

Marcus Chang (Facebook review)

Barney was fabulous, all around, in many different ways. He was easy to work with, listened, gave excellent ideas and suggestions. He was professional, detailed, thorough and so knowledgeable and expert. Barney was not just a master at setting up or fixing anything technical, but was also very helpful conceptually with the overall design and layout of my website. He went “above and beyond” to do an overall check of the site and saw or came up with many terrific ways to strengthen or improve it. Let me put it this way. Just like with Allstate you are “good hands” with Barney. Give him a try, don’t lose out.

Randy Bennett Ed.D. (Google review)

I started recommending Barney Chastain to my clients who have Google Ads campaigns about six months ago. For one client, the search impressions increased to 85% and a click-through rate quite above average for a successful campaign. They couldn’t be happier with the increased search visibility and his patience with explaining what is going on. Many of my clients have been frustrated with SEO firms that pass work from one “manager” to another. It is refreshing to work with a single person who takes responsibility to set and meet marketing goals. And here’s the kicker – he really loves doing it and it shows. It is a pleasure to to be able to recommend Barney not only for SEO & SEM but for all aspects of having successful online presence.

Deb Vandenbrouke (Facebook review)

We at Journeys Home Pet Euthanasia Service have been so pleased to work with Barney over the last few months. He always has a positive attitude, explains what he’s doing and why he’s doing it, and how what he is doing will positively impact our business. But most of all, we’ve seen great results in our visibility. As a business that needs to reach people at the appropriate time, Barney has done a great job of helping us to do that. Thank you for all you have done for us, for pets, and for pet families in the South-Central WI community. We look forward to continuing to work together.

Laura Purdy (Facebook review)

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