Google Ads Management Service

Google Ads Management Pricing

Knowing how much it will cost to run a Google Ads campaign is essential, before you even spend a dime. Here’s an example of Chastain Sites pricing for Google Ads management.

Daily Ad Spend &  Annual Google Ads Budget

Your total budget for the year depends on what you choose as a daily ad spend.

  • Daily ad spend of $20/day? You’ll pay about $13,000 a year in Google Ads costs.
  • Daily ad spend of $100/day? You’ll pay about $42,000 a year in Google Ads costs.
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Daily ad spend
~$ 0
Est. Annual Cost
$ 0
Daily ad spend
~$ 0
Est. Annual Cost

Are You Ready for Google Ads Management?

7 Requirements for Managed Google Ads 

  1. What happens when your Google Ads start flooding your business with opportunities? Do you have the budget and the ability to respond to increased sales, leads, and conversions?
  2. Do you have at least one year of experience with your own Google Ads account. I only work with clients who have already committed to Google Ads and have existing campaigns that have run for at least a year. 
  3. The ability to run a minimum of $20 per day in daily ad spend + my monthly management fees. Google Ads wasn’t created for seasonal and one-off campaigns; those will cost you far more than a well-tuned ad campaign. Ideally, you’ll have a marketing budget covering your annual costs and has some wiggle room to increase spending when ad campaigns convert to your business goals.
  4. The ability to pay management fees upfront for the year. Chastain Sites charges a Google Ads management fee of $450/month, or 15% of ad spend (whichever is higher).
  5. Are your ready to give up your Google Ads account to someone else? If you still think you can figure it out, and want to keep meddling on your own account, then I am not a good match.
  6. Are your ready for success? Sure, you’re ready to hand over your Google Ads account, but are you ready for the long-term commitment? Google Ads requires 365 days a year, which steady or increasing budget for peak performance. 
  7. If you’re not fed up running your own ad campaign, then you probably aren’t ready to work with me.
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