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WordPress Services

Today’s business websites need to load quickly, display on all screen sizes, and stay secure from attack. In the ever changing internet world you need a webmaster who is responsive, thorough, who keeps your site looking fresh, and who can fix glitches quickly. I use WordPress to build and maintain my clients’ websites because it allows you the business owner, the ability to update content and allows me, your service provider, the ability to keep your website safe and secure. 


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WordPress Care

My WordPress websites are fast-loading, mobile-friendly, locally targeted, and optimized for SEO. When you need a competent and reliable WordPress website maintenance or designer, I am your partner in success.

  • Website content changes
  • Website design
  • Website migration
  • Website monitoring
  • Website backups
  • Website updates
  • Website security

WordPress Services

Hourly pricing starting at $90.

Monthly WordPress Care plans starting at $250.

  • Edits to your website
  • New website functionality such as contact forms, image sliders, or dynamic content
  • Backups
  • Security
  • Disaster recovery
  • Installation
  • Troubleshooting
  • WordPress plugin installation & setup
  • WordPress plugin troubleshooting
  • WordPress plugin removal
  • WordPress software updates
  • WordPress plugin & WordPress core updates
  • WordPress website migration (host migration)

Website Design with WordPress

 New website designs starting at $3,000.

Want a website that no one else can make? I can duplicate any element or functionality that you see on other websites into your WordPress website. I can use my typical theme and plugin solutions, or I can learn how to use your preferred themes and plugin solutions.

How Can I Help Your WordPress Website?

Most of my services are available on-demand, by the minute, and at your preferred level of involvement. I charge the same rate whether you need a dedicated worker, a knowledgeable partner, or an instructor. When you need WordPress support and design services, I can support your needs.

You Determine Your WordPress Involvement

Need a WordPress worker?

I can secure your WordPress website from disaster, edit content, change themes, and install plugins. When you need someone to do the work, whatever that is,  but I don’t want the details.

Need a WordPress pathfinder?

I can guide you if you have WordPress questions, advise you on best courses of action, and help troubleshoot WordPress solutions. When you need a little (or alot) of help, I can guide your through your WordPress problems.

Need a WordPress tutor?

I can tutor you on WordPress installation, migration, design, and security. Whether you are just getting started or are experienced and need a new set of eyes on a problem, I am here to help you.

WordPress Tip

Need help with your WordPress website, but don’t have the budget? 

Try a WordPress Meetup online! 

WordPress Meetups are happening online around the world every day. I am a co-organizer for the Racine WordPress Meetup, but we are only one of over 700 groups worldwide, meeting in many languages. From developers to designers, from entrepreneurs to publishers, these events are for people who love WordPress and want to share their knowledge, experience, and to meet other WordPress users in the area.